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Hogmeister Drywors

Hogmeister - Traditional Flavour Wild Boar x British venison Drywors

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Hogmeister Drywors - made from wild British venison

Our Wild Boar Droëwors  started as a limited edition, but we just couldn't let it go!! Now this original flavour Droëwors, made with 1/3 Wild Boar and 2/3 British wild venison, is right up there with the best sellers.

We recommend this if you like your biltong on the WET & FATTY side. But don't feel any rush to eat it - the Wild Boar flavour matures beautifully!

All the Drywors made by Forest Biltong uses prime leg meat (you won’t catch us using cheap trim cuts for our sausage. Any offcuts go to Bruin, our Labrador!)

Drywors is what we make with the pieces of rump steak that aren’t long enough for a strip of biltong. We mince them and blend with just the right amount of fat. The mix is salted and spiced before filling into natural lamb casings, just like long chipolatas. A few days drying and it’s good to go!

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